A full feature eCommerce platform and brand establishment in SA.

eCommerce Platform

When Livall approached us we had the rare opportunity to establish a brand and platform from scratch. Bydrae worked with Teracore to develop a turn key solution from curating the content onto product offer pages all the way to payment solutions. Bydrae contributed to brand establishment as well as generating most of the website copy.

Once social media platforms were established, we added a live chat button to the website which feeds from Facebook.

We integrated the eCommerce platform with their online accounting system and courier company to streamline the fulfillment process.

Most notably we developed a reseller application page to on-board distributors for the Livall smart helmet. A webform with document upload ability notiffies Livall staff of new applications and provides them with the information they need to continue the onboarding process.

Domain and Hosting

Livall is hosted on a premium hosting service. This makes their pages load faster and enabled the on-page animations without comprising usability. eCommerce platforms are prone to high bounce rates. The premium hosting gave us the load speeds to build a beautiful and interactive website without users bouncing away.

Cloud productivity

Bydrae provides Livalls team with cloud productivity software from Google. We administer and maintain the system and provided the team with training so that they could make the most of the systems they adopted. We set up their email inboxes and other app settings which allowed Livall's team to hit the ground running on launch day.

Social Media

Bydrae set up Livall's online presence and ensured that all the platforms were consistent with Livall's image.

Sponsored Content

Bydrae set up a marketing campaign to introduce the brand to the South African cycling community using BikeHub - a cycling website. We implemented sponsored content on this platform with in feed display ads.


Bydrae provided the Livall sales and marketing team with training and we continue to consult them on developing and implementing their marketing strategy. We've covered topics such as web security, basic design principles, project management tools, analytics and insights, writing for social media, and how to use WooCommerce, among other lessons.

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