Kappa Engineering

An industrial company website designed to drive leads and requests for quotes on products.

Website Development

For Kappa Engineering we started by re-developing their website and aligning their content to translate their key message to the target audience.

This website was developed with a page for each of their products and services with corresponding enquiry forms that send directly to the sales team. There are plenty of images, downloadable PDF spec sheets and hover over interactions.

We included an interactive flip-style brochure. Their data sheets were digitised and uploaded to the website ready for one-click view and download.

To take advantage of content based marketing we created a blog on their website and populated it with articles. This content showcases industry news and evergreen content.

Bydrae provides monthly maintenance of the website.


Bydrae provided the website hosting. Kappa Engineering will soon be transitioned to a premium hosting package which will improve their page load speed.

SEO & Social Media

We worked on improving SEO by using our secret blend of advanced technical, on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

We established various social media platforms for this client and ensured that all information and brand identity was consistent.

We post weekly on all social media platforms and each post is accompanied with an image and a link.

Mass Mails

To re-activate their existing client base we created a monthly email newsletter and used Kappa Engineering's current client' email database to populate the newsletter contacts lists. We designed a custom template to use for their newsletters. Bydrae writes their monthly newsletters and sends out correspondance regularly. A newsletter signup form was created and this was linked to their website and Facebook page.

To activate even further reach of the email newsletter we developed a PDF version suitable for Whatsapp. Customers who were not on the mail list could view the newsletter via their smartphone and are able to forward the newsletter on.


Most recently we developed animated Gifs for representatives and management to distribute via Whatsapp. Here is just one example:

Kappa gif

Induction Video

Kappa Engineering approached Bydrae to create a visitor induction video which could be played in their reception room on a TV screen and viewed by visitors when they arrive. We created a whiteboard style animation with accents of Kappa Engineering branding. We used their existing visitor induction documents to write the script and develop the video. Voice over work was performed by Bydrae.

This video was mobile optimised so that visitors could receive their induction before arriving at the company.


During this time we also ran pay-per-click, pay-per-impression and display advertising on Google. We coupled this with Facebook boosted posts and ads and LinkedIn ads.


Each month we provide a report on digital marketing activities and website performance. This report is generated using insights and analytics from the various platforms and digested into an easy to understand and relevant report for management to perview.

Branded gift

As an added marketing effort we designed custom branded labels for a corporate gift of hot sauce. Kappa Engineering distributed these hot sauces as gifts to their clients. We have successfully performed this marketing activity for the last three years in a row.


We created an internal staff training platform linked to their website. We created animated video lessons which are followed by a quiz section with automated marking. After the participant completes the training they are emailed a branded certificate of completion and their scores are sent to the human resources department for record keeping and accountability.

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