An industrial company with a full feature digital marketing package.

Website Development

For Honingcraft we began by re-developing their website and aligning their brand to translate their quality and superiority in the marketplace.

Website content was cut by a huge percentage to present relevant information for prospective customers.

An industry changing online request for quote form was created for Honingcraft. This enables customers to submit requests for quote outside of typical business hours. Sales staff receive the RFQ and continue with the customer order themselves. All enquiries are captured in a spreadsheet for historical and analytical use.

An addition to Honingcraft's website was a careers page where new job openings are advertised. We developed a CV submission form. If a prospective candidate does not have a CV to upload they can continue to a CV building form on the next page.

With this website we aligned their content to translate their key message to the target audience. To take advantage of content based marketing we created a blog and populated it with announcements by the company.

Bydrae provides monthly maintenance of the website.

Domain and Hosting

Bydrae provided the domain name and website hosting. Honingcraft will soon be transitioned to a premium hosting package which will improve their page load speed.

SEO & Social Media

Bydrae worked on improving SEO for increased organic search and reach. We used our secret blend of technical, on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

We established various social media platforms for this client and ensured that all information and brand identity was consistent. We post weekly on all social media platforms and each post is accompanied with an image or video and a link.

Since Honingcraft has multiple locations we established a Google My Business profile for each branch.

Mass Mails

Honingcraft communicates with the customer base on a regular basis with an email announcement. The email announcements have proven invaluable for getting information through to customers as quickly as possible. An unintended advantage was the boost in moral from sharing the email announcements internally.

We populated their mailing list with Honingcraft's existing client emails and add new address from business cards acquired by their representatives and salespeople.

A signup form was created to easily add subscribers and this was linked to their website and Facebook page.


We developed animated Gifs for representatives and management to distribute via Whatsapp for Business. Here is one example:

Honingcraft gif

Induction Video

Bydrae to create a visitor induction video for Honingcraft. We created an eye catching animation with custom characters. To write the script for this video we used their existing visitor induction documents. Voice over work was performed by Bydrae.

This video was also mobile optimised so that visitors could receive their induction on their smartphones via Whatsapp before arriving at the company.


Honingcraft provided Bydrae with a budget to run pay-per-click, pay-per-impression and display advertising on Google. We coupled this with Facebook boosted posts and ads and LinkedIn ads at various times. Our data and analytics showed us that the most effective form of digital advertising was with Google Ads. This platform yielded the best ROI and conversions.

Whatsapp for Business

Bydrae created a Whatsapp for Business profile for Honingcraft to have a business presence on this platform and to communicate more efficiently with customers. We created a catalogue on the platform to showcase Honingcraft's products and services.


The performance of the different marketing channels are summarised in a monthly report to give sales managers deep insights into their customer base.

Branded gift

The CEO tasted a homemade hot sauce and fell in love with it. Since then it has been a yearly tradition for Bydrae to manufacture custom branded hot sauce for Honingcraft to be used as gifts for their clients during the festive season.


Honingcraft needed to upskill and train their staff on various aspects of their business. Bydrae stepped in and created a subdomain on their website specially for training that anyone could access. This website contains all their digital training material which Bydrae also developed.

Each lesson is comprised of an animated video and a quiz. These quizzes are automatically marked and upon completion sends the participant a certificate of completion with their name on it. The HR manager receives a copy of the certificate and the participant's score.

All data is captured in a spreadsheet which can be referred back to at any time by the HR manager. We created this to enable tracing and trackability of training of staff, which also aids management with accountability.

Click on the link below to experience a lesson for yourself.

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