Timeless principles applied to the latest technology

Bydrae Services

Bydrae Consulting Services

We tackle every adversity to turn threats into opportunities using strategic business development.

Developing our client’s brands into valuable business assets empowers their digital marketing to reach further than ever before.

Business Development Consulting

Bydrae provides strategic business development consulting to help businesses position themselves to best take advantage of the opportunities created by the fourth industrial revolution. Bydrae can produce stunning results with its consulting workshops.

Business Strategy Workshops

Summarise your business on a single page. Define your goals in a concise 12 month plan.

Branding Workshops

Define your target audience and develop key messages that join the conversation already taking place in your customer’s mind.

Marketing Workshops

Define a customer journey and engineer every touchpoint where you get to interact with your tribe.

Digital Transformation

Lead your industry to a better tomorrow by showing your team the most conscientious path to excellence in business.

Branding and Design

Bring your ideas to life with captivating designs, illustrations, animation and live action video. Communicate complex ideas rapidly with well articulated corporate creative design. Act boldly with design that shows off your true value.

Graphic Design

Create a compelling corporate identity that includes business and product logos, fonts, business cards, company profiles, product brochures, page banners etc.

Web Design

Inspire your audience to take action with a beautifully designed website that is geared for lead conversion.


Use 2D and 3D animation to communicate complex and even abstract ideas in an engaging way.

Video Production

Go viral with compelling video content that wants to be engaged.

Digital Marketing

Bydrae provides businesses operating in science, technology engineering and manufacturing with the latest that the world of branding and marketing offers to any progressive business.

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns:

Pay to bid on relevant keywords and appear in potential partner’s online search results.

SEO (search engine optimisation):

Improve your organic Google rank, so it’s easier for the right audience to find you online.

GMB (Google My Business):

Ensure you appear in maps and listings, collect positive business reviews and establish credibility.

Social Media Marketing:

Expand your reach, exhibit brand authority, monitor and gather insights, make connections and open communication with leads.

Direct Email Marketing:

Generate a subscriber following to provide relevant and valuable content to potential leads monthly. 

Lead Generating Funnel:

Website pages are tailored to your audiences to increase the likelihood to achieve your outcomes. 

Information Technology

The fourth industrial revolution has made the world smaller. We can reach new frontiers and communicate faster than ever before. Bydrae provides the tools and expertise that you need to implement a digital transformation strategy.


  • Cloud Productivity from Google Workspaces.
  • Web Design and Development on WordPress.
  • Digital Marketing from Meta, LinkedIn, Google and Youtube
  • Cloud ERP from Xero
  • Cloud Warehouse Management from Dear