Bydrae Does Digital Right with New Website Launch

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One thing is for sure, Bydrae knows how to achieve growth and success through innovation. The Bydrae company culture is simple. Create wealth for all. This same concept is fused into how Bydrae manages their client expectations to ultimately create leads that matter.

A carefully-selected team built over the last three years has given the company the advantage of creative minds, fresh talent and a passion for business in the digital arena.

With an impressive following from clients in the manufacturing, engineering, mining and technology sectors, Bydrae offers a multifunctional marketing solution for tech-savvy organisations embracing digital transformation at its best.

The hard-to-navigate landscape of digital business transformation is not new. Business owners rely heavily on support from partners like Bydrae to assure websites remain safe, secure and up to date with content that keeps the leads filtering in. For the Bydrae site? The team did the same.

The Tech Stack

With a tech stack good enough to unleash your inner technophile, the Bydrae IT team is equipped with top talent and a sense of humour to boot. CTO Gerhard Pretorius shares, “We approached the redevelopment of the website by creating a site that has super-fast page load speeds, is highly responsive, very secure and well optimised for lead generation and search engines”.

User Experience

Developing an easy to navigate website was vital for the Bydrae team. The new website is a clever concoction of user experience and design. Managing Director Beyers Haupthfleisch says, “Bydrae’s website lays out our products and services clearly and concisely. It avoids fluff and shows our way of being concise and meticulous by being concise and meticulous. It is built for comfortable, responsive browsing”.


Bydrae’s portfolio seamlessly merges the worlds of marketing, branding and technology. Visually, the new website’s challenges were left to Creative Director Casey Rothman. “Keeping to basic design principles was a simple and trusted way to lead the process. We wanted to include textures without committing to images containing real-world objects. The team expressed creativity without compromising readability and user functionality. Animations breathe life into the site with colour and textural patterns”.

Doing Digital Right

Fast turnaround times fused with expert skills and a clear understanding of the digital realm is key in the Bydrae ethos. The ever-developing team stays up to speed with the latest technological developments, which includes knowledge of digital marketing and its full potential. Bydrae understands that digital marketing is here (and in the metaverse) to stay.

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