Business Development South Africa

Bydrae’s holistic approach to business development includes robust communication and productivity tools. 

Bydrae’s holistic approach to business development includes robust communication and productivity tools that work across platforms to deliver marketing leads and helps you close sales. Experience reliable communication with customers, suppliers and employees while enjoying total security and control with G Suite and Microsoft 365. Our business developer is an in house specialist with more than 10 years experience in digital marketing, leads generation and business communication systems. 


Bydrae’s business development team includes a business analyst with experience in developing key IT infrastructure taylored for omni channel business communications. Business development is a long term investment in your business’ growth. Globalisation has made any business venture more competitive than ever. With a reliable business development plan, your business will not only survive, but will thrive by taking advantage of new opportunities through digital marketing, online leads generation and sales automation. We’re right here in South Africa. Take some time to get in touch with our business development team.

Business Development Offers

Email Hosting

Get email from G Suite or Microsoft with support from IT specialists right here in South Africa.


Bydrae will administrate your email communication platform, but most importantly, we will integrate your email system with the best marketing and sales automation tools to generate and capture leads effectively, leading to higher revenues and more closed sales.

HubSpot South Africa

Hubspot is a comprehensive sales and marketing tool centred on a powerful CRM that integrates with both Microsoft 365 and GSuite. Automate, track and report all sales and marketing communication throughout your organisation and report and monitor on your performance as an organisation.

Reporting and Monitoring

We will provide you with a monthly report on your digital marketing performance. These reports may include, depending on your marketing mix, a performance report on your website, social media platforms, email campaigns, directory listings, website enquiries received, Google My Business listing, paid advertising, and worklog. 


These reports are intended to showcase our monthly services we provide to you in a transparent, understandable manner. These data will provide you with the information to track how customers interact with any of your digital assets. This report informs a strategy for reaching new prospects, improving performance, setting goals and KPIs, and developing impactful business strategies. 


The reports are representations of live data that you can access via a link at any time. You will be able to manipulate the date range of the data displayed to view statistics any range you wish to see. Reports are beautifully laid out with dynamic and often interactive graphs and tables to make the interpretation of the information simple and pleasing to look at.

Business Development Products

G Suite

Do you want to manage your business from your smartphone? Google’s cloud productivity suite brings together Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides to name but a few. Their simple-to-understand interface and familiarity makes G Suite our first choice in email communication channels.

Bydrae can set up cloud based productivity solutions from G Suite. We can migrate to either service and make the  migration process as simple as possible. We also provide training for how to best use the software.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a great solution for companies with limited internet connectivity and provides most of what G Suite can offer with a slightly different methodology. Microsoft 365 is powerful, and the best part is Bydrae can work with both.


HubSpot has flexible app integrations, advanced contact tracking system and sales pipeline analysis software. It is one of the most powerful CRM programs on the market today. The platform is centred around the concept of inbound marketing. Hubspot allows you to measure the success of your leads with understandable results by real customers. Get access to a library of webinars and lessons that help you understand the process of inbound marketing.


Oviond is a reporting tool which integrates with various digital marketing platform data and brings this information into one simple report. Our reports are designed so that they are easy to visualise, interactive and most importantly, that they display the information most relevant to your business. Your marketing data is collated to provide a report that is always accessible with a universal link for real-time data analysis.

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