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Business Development Consulting
South Africa

Bydrae works closely with you to develop a no-frills digital marketing strategy that describes your business and your products with a clear and concise key message. We accurately describe the value that your business already provides so that you can put your best foot forward. Our business development services yield marketing strategies that can be used for both digital and traditional marketing because the content is designed to be universally applicable.

Business development is a long term investment in your business’ growth. Globalisation has made any business venture more competitive than ever. With a reliable business development plan, your business will not only survive, but will thrive by taking advantage of new opportunities through digital marketing, online leads generation and sales automation. We’re right here in South Africa. Take some time to get in touch with our business development team.

Business Development Offers

Marketing Strategy Workshop

Our marketing workshop consists of 3 x 1-hour sessions spaced 1 week apart, allowing for everyone’s schedules. Digital marketing workshops take place using Google Meet or Microsoft Teams (at least since the COVID-19 pandemic started).

The marketing workshop is designed to define your target market, generate a key message, and to choose which marketing channels are best suited to communicate with your audience.

The marketing workshop ends with a tangible digital marketing strategy document that is simple to understand and easy to implement. You can implement the digital marketing strategy with your own team or get Bydrae’s experts to do the digital marketing for you.

Content And Copywriting

With all of the digital marketing channels available to marketers today, it’s never been easier to spread your message but, what is your message? How do you articulate what you do and how you solve problems?

Writing for the internet involves writing online content, ad copy, social media posts and other marketing materials. We keep readers engaged and lead them to take action with well-crafted content and copywriting.

Bydrae creates website copy and business content that will connect with your audience while staying true to your company’s voice. We will generate topical literature for your website, blog, social posts, product offers, video scripts and more. We perform keyword research and create link-worthy content to drive traffic.

Sales Automation

Bydrae’s holistic approach to business development includes robust productivity tools that are optimised for receiving and converting sales leads that are generated with a lead generating website.

Bydrae uses Hubspot to automate sales. We integrate with Microsoft 365 and G Suite to make the automate sales easily. Automate, track and report all sales and marketing communication throughout your organisation and report and monitor on your performance as an organisation.

Business Development Workshops

Business Strategy Workshops

Summarise your business on a single page. Define your goals in a concise 12 month plan.

Branding Workshops

Define your target audience and develop key messages that join the conversation already taking place in your customer’s mind.

Marketing Workshops

Define a customer journey and engineer every touchpoint where you get to interact with your tribe.

Digital Transformation

Lead your industry to a better tomorrow by showing your team the most conscientious path to excellence in business.

G Suite

Do you want to manage your business from your smartphone? Google’s cloud productivity suite brings together Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides to name but a few. Their simple-to-understand interface and familiarity makes G Suite our first choice in email communication channels.

Bydrae can set up cloud based productivity solutions from G Suite. We can migrate to either service and make the  migration process as simple as possible. We also provide training for how to best use the software.


HubSpot has flexible app integrations, advanced contact tracking system and sales pipeline analysis software. It is one of the most powerful CRM programs on the market today. The platform is centred around the concept of inbound marketing.

Hubspot allows you to measure the success of your leads with understandable results by real customers. Get access to a library of webinars and lessons that help you understand the process of inbound marketing.


Microsoft 365 is a great solution for companies with limited internet connectivity and provides most of what G Suite can offer with a slightly different methodology. Microsoft 365 is powerful, and the best part is Bydrae can work with both.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a great solution for companies with limited internet connectivity and provides most of what G Suite can offer with a slightly different methodology. Microsoft 365 is powerful, and the best part is Bydrae can work with both.