Sign and fill out your PDFs digitally


PDF forms and documents have become the norm today and the ability to digitally sign and fill out forms with your device has become easy and fast with Foxit PDF Reader. We are not affiliated with Foxit Software, Inc. but feel that our audience should know more about this great, free product. Editing PDFs from other vendors is a headache and is usually only possible with paid-for versions.

Download Foxit PDF Reader for free.
And click here for the mobile app.

The Foxit Reader is a small extremely fast and feature rich free PDF reader. It is used by consumer, businesses and governmental agencies to create, read and annotate documents and fill out PDF forms. Since the Foxit Reader is standard compliant it is compatible with other PDF products like Adobe. No wonder Foxit has over 525 million users worldwide have chosen the Foxit Reader as their chosen PDF reader.


PDF viewing and printing

No matter what the size is of the document Foxit can display it quickly and accurately.

View multiple pages side-by-side, get the word count, zoom in on detail and switch to night mode. Foxit can also read the document to you, so you can listen to it while you’re on the go.

Print your creations to PDF and control the quality of the print (image resolution) and the page size can be customised to exactly the dimensions you want. You can even save these as custom page print sizes.


PDF creation and editing

Quickly create accurate PDF documents which maintain the look and feel of the original document. The easy built-in feature allows you to right click a document and create PDF in one click.

Attach files and insert links on the PDF and even embed images and video. It’s like working on a word processor but better.

From Home tab at the Insert section on the ribbon simply select what you want to add. Drag it to wherever you want it and you’re done!


Sign PDF documents

Foxit makes signing documents easy. There are multiple ways to sign. Under the Protect tab you’ll find PDF Sign which allows you to sign documents with an image of your own handwriting.

Create your signature by drawing it with your mouse or importing an image file of your signature. We strongly recommend protecting your signature with a password.

Place your signature where you want it, resize it if necessary and also apply it to multiple pages at once.


Form filling

You can fill out standard and XFA-based PDF forms. There are even autocomplete options and you can import and export information to and from a file.

Use the Typewriter to type anywhere on the page and easily highlight, underline and draw shapes from the Comments tab. 



Foxit Reader for free comes with Microsoft Office integrations, so you can easily convert your document, sheet or presentation to PDF within the program.


Say goodbye to printing out that form, filling it in by hand, scanning it back in and then only sending. Who has a printer or good handwriting these days? Is your hand really that steady to snap pictures of all those pages and then compile it back to a single PDF doc? Too complicated! Fill out your forms digitally and attach your signature to every and any page. Keep your PDFs neat, on file and editable – no more bad scans, unnecessarily printing and wasting of paper and ink.

Bydrae utilizes a number of digital tools to increase our productivity and help our clients to do the same. Contact us today for a consultation on cloud productivity and business development strategies.

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