How To Make a Custom 404 Page

How to make 404 page

In a previous article, I spoke of why it is important to have a Custom 404 Page. Today I will show you how to create one step-by-step on your WordPress website using Elementor Page Builder.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the Templates menu.

Next up, click on “add new”.

Make sure to select “Single” at the dropdown menu. The post type should be “404 Page”. Click on “Create Template” when you are done.

The following screen will appear with preset templates of custom 404 pages and you can choose to work from them or make your own from scratch.

Next, you should design your page to fit in with your branding. The example below is the Bydrae 404 page.

1 – Add a link to your home page to redirect your visitors if they get lost.

2- Click on the gear icon.

3 – Change the page layout to Elementor Canvas if you want the header and footer to be hidden.

When you are done with your design, click “Publish”.

Here you can select condition display setting. Click on the “Save & Close” button. You have done it! Now your visitors won’t get lost if they do experience a 404 error.

If you want a custom 404 page developed for your website contact us today for a quote and consultation on digital marketing strategies suited to your business needs.

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