When drafting content in a word processor that is to be used on a web page or post it’s useful to format your document with headings. Search engines use the headings to index the structure and content of the web page.

Take a look at w3schools’ page on how heading tags are coded in HTML.

In fact, any document you compose should be formatted with headings. This creates ease of navigation and a hierarchy to the information. Utilise a good structure and create signposts in your content to portray what each section is about.


Why is this important?

A content writer should deliver content in a way that is usable for the developer. Formatting your document with headings means that a simple Copy-Paste is all that is needed when adding the content to the website.

Headings improve SEO. Headings grant you the chance to utilise your keywords and help readers understand what the page is about. Utilising headings makes for a better quality user experience. Content is clearer and made effortless to read. By putting the reader first you will generate superior content, which is better for SEO.


H rules

You’re restricted to using one H1 heading on each page. The H1 heading should be the name or title of the page or post. Then your content can start including H2 headings to introduce distinctive sections. Think of H2 headings just like the chapters of a book. For more subsections use H3, H4, etc.


How to format headings in your doc

To format your Google Doc, select the text and click on the styles box. Choose the heading level that you want to apply.

For the most part, the appearance (styling) of the heading you select here isn’t that important if you will be copying the whole document into a web page. The website has built in CSS which will style the headings according to the what the developer has set it as.


For a more indepth look at headings take a look at Yoast’s article How to use headings on your site.

If you’re interested in being a content writer for Bydrae or looking to have some content written for your own business contact us today for a quote.

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