About Bydrae

Bydrae is working in cooperation towards a mutually shared outcome.

Our goal is to connect our clients with their customers on a consistent basis. Our purpose is to increase revenue streams for our clients. We achieve this by creating a digital presence that users enjoy interacting with and enabling sales staff to close sales with robust business development technologies.


Bydrae is a sales and marketing agency that focuses on lead generation and performance based marketing. Our agency achieves clear and concise communication by relying on proven marketing techniques combined with the best in digital marketing tools and technologies. Our digital marketing approach takes your business to the cloud with website development from WordPress qualified developers. 


Our websites are responsive and mobile optimised so you know your new customers will love browsing your website.


Our agency is comfortable servicing medium to large size enterprises with between 10 and 100 employees however, our team has been called upon to work with larger and smaller clientele. We typically build long term relationships with our clients and recommend a time frame of no less than 12 months to establish the systems that will keep generating leads for years after the development is completed.

Where does the name come from?

Our company  started simply as a conjugation of the two founders’ names being Beyers and Sandra Hauptfleisch. Referring to the company as BeyDra at the outset, the two founders quickly realised that the name can be made meaningful in Afrikaans by simply moving the “e” to the end of the word. 


With this simple transposition, Bydrae would mean “contribution” or “cooperation” however, it is a word that cannot be easily translated into English. Translated to Dutch as “medewerken” the founders’ meaning becomes more obvious as “work together” or; “to contribute in cooperation”.


It is this very sentiment that drives our vision of a mutually beneficial growth tract for our customers and for ourselves. It reminds us that our development as a company is intrinsically linked to the growth of our clients. 

‘n Bydrae is jou aandeel in ‘n saak, hetsy positief of negatief. Bydra is die aksie om te gee.

Bydrae is ‘n selfstandige naamwoord terwyl bydra ‘n werkwoord is.


  • My bydrae is om koeksisters te bak.
  • Sal jy asb bydra deur koeksisters te bak?

contribution is your share in a cause, whether positive or negative. Contribute is the action to give. 

Contribution is a noun while contribution is a verb. 

For example:

  • My contribution is to bake koeksisters.
  • Would you please contribute by baking koeksisters?

Our Director

Beyers Hauptfleisch

Beyers is the co-founder and director of Bydrae (Pty) Ltd. He is our team leader who sets the stage for our company's growth and direction, creating a path with the thoughts and actions of others. Beyers steers the Bydrae team toward a predetermined result in providing the best services for our clients.

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