eLearning example 2

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What Makes a Business Succeed eLearning Episode

This eLearning episode is part of a series of lessons.

This item starts off with the standard introduction screen, then moves onto the objectives of the lesson. 

Built in buttons guide the user through the lesson and a left side contents menu shows the participant where they are in the lesson and enables them to skip to a previous section for review.

A short “video” speech is given by a text-to-speech, female US voice in this item.  There are options for professional voice overs and text-to-speech voice overs.

There are hyperlinks in this learning item. You can have this link to anything you want to anywhere online.

The main feature of this example eLearning is the drag and drop interactive “game”. These interaction can be used in a variety of ways to keep participants engaged and active in their training.

Lastly there is a short quiz at the end of the item.

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